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Eazyscholar's Account management software helps solve the complexities of discovered accounting and financial reporting and has everything an institution business administrator requires to operate it productively, including advanced financial detailing. Account management is an authentic accounting arrangement solution that integrates every aspect of comprehensive Educational institution management under a module, which offers inimitable security and effectiveness of the board.

Account management Software tracks each financial part of your operation including cash flow, inventory management, accounts payable, and receivable just as many other vital components. Account management CRM includes powerful real-time analysis and advanced reporting benefits. Eazyscholar's Account management solution improves all parts of accounting including Fees Management, billing, and Payroll Management.

This module includes the features like :

Account Management :


Account management System Software is a coordinated package that allows comprehensive administration of accounts without the need for the posting of vouchers. Integrated with the Fee module, payment of staff, and different expenses, this module automatically manages to post expenses into appropriate accounts heads. This module empowers the effective administration of complete accounts of schools and colleges. A wide range of vouchers can be entered from a single voucher entry screen. Utilizing this, we can make different types of accounting transactions and vouchers. It automatically prepares all accounting books like Trial Balance, Cash Book, Day Book, Income and Expenditure, and Balance Sheet. Account Management is interconnected with the payroll system and fee management.

Fees Management :

The Most Important feature of Account Management Software is fee collection. Admin can handle and manage all the fee-related institutional activities. He 'or' She can add the type of fee payment, with different modes of payment like cash, Cheque or visa cards. The Fee Setting list will give all the details of the student who has already paid their fees, those who haven't paid, and who will make a late fee payment penalty. It will also show in which stream students are studying. It will provide 100% accuracy in professional accounting in school fee collection, Issuing fee receipts, and fee register updates.


Master Creation :

class wise fees for headset.
class-wise fees head wise amount set.
class-wise accessories with the amount set.



Eazyscholar is a School & college management ERP Software Service provider In India which is used for easy Academic, Accounts, and Administration purposes of all types of Schools & institutions. Records like student admission details, the fee structure of different courses, details of teaching staff, accounts, HR & Payroll, transport, etc., can be obtained in a structured manner easily. It is a Web & APP based on ERP solutions for educational institutions that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Eazy Scholar ERP software can be used in all types of schools & colleges and universities where there is a necessity for proper management, Eazyscholar is the best to use there. The Eazy Scholar ERP software is used for small, medium-sized, and large schools & colleges.

Yes.Eazyscholar always tries to fulfill 100% of Client requirements and Satisfaction. If any client is not satisfied with our service. Eazy Scholar refunded within one month.

Eazy Scholar is one of the most appreciated and scalable School & College management ERP software in Bhubaneswar providing advanced features. Designed and developed with years of research and experience, this software is easy to use and contains several modules. User-friendly interface and affordable budget are two factors making it one of the best ERP after software.

Yes. Our software is designed to generate reports, and it gives the option to the user to convert them into PDF or Excel format.

The answer is "No". Eazy Scholar always believes in making long-term relationships with our clients and therefore We never hide any details.

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