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Newsletter Management

A newsletter is a printed report containing news, information of all the activities of an institution that is sent through the mail regularly to every one of its students, parents, agents or people, who are connected with the organization. Newsletters generally contain one primary topic important to their recipients. A newsletter may be seen as dull composition. E-newsletters are conveyed electronically through email and can be viewed in the recipient mail id whenever the newsletter is sent.

Newsletters are used to publicize or to just impart new thoughts and occasions to the people associated with the organization. Institutions can get connected with their partners, including investors, clients, representatives, and individuals from society, through printed or E-newsletters without much stress in a smooth way through our software.

Benefits of Newsletter Management

Newsletters are used to get attention and share information and they are an easy source of communication.
Your institution get benefits by having open communication with your customers, stockholders, and employees.
Whether the newsletter is sent via email or through printed mail, it can be easily delivered to your targeted people.
A newsletter encourages the customers to contact your organization and simplify your business process.
If you want to drive more people to your website you just need a strategy to attract visitors, and your email newsletter will benefit you.



Eazyscholar is a School & college management ERP Software Service provider In India which is used for easy Academic, Accounts, and Administration purposes of all types of Schools & institutions. Records like student admission details, the fee structure of different courses, details of teaching staff, accounts, HR & Payroll, transport, etc., can be obtained in a structured manner easily. It is a Web & APP based on ERP solutions for educational institutions that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Eazy Scholar ERP software can be used in all types of schools & colleges and universities where there is a necessity for proper management, Eazyscholar is the best to use there. The Eazy Scholar ERP software is used for small, medium-sized, and large schools & colleges.

Yes.Eazyscholar always tries to fulfill 100% of Client requirements and Satisfaction. If any client is not satisfied with our service. Eazy Scholar refunded within one month.

Eazy Scholar is one of the most appreciated and scalable School & College management ERP software in Bhubaneswar providing advanced features. Designed and developed with years of research and experience, this software is easy to use and contains several modules. User-friendly interface and affordable budget are two factors making it one of the best ERP after software.

Yes. Our software is designed to generate reports, and it gives the option to the user to convert them into PDF or Excel format.

The answer is "No". Eazy Scholar always believes in making long-term relationships with our clients and therefore We never hide any details.

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