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Eazy Scholars online admission management module is a productive online user-driven software for dealing with the entire online admission process. By using this module admission allotment is done to student and record is maintained in the software. Similarly, batch shifting records are also retained.The online admission system is truly useful for any school and school admission department. This will make their life simple and smooth. When a new student comes for admission, the staff simply needs to add details of the new student into the institution admission system. After this, these details can be utilized for additional activities and these details can be changed effectively at whatever point requi#055AA0 utilizing this software. Online admission software will make a unique ID for every student automatically with each new section. Roll number will likewise be assigned to the student automatically with the help of the Roll number assigned technique.

Online Admission System :



By taking advantage of Online admission software things are available in a few clicks and the process from applicant to student admission is done more simply. Eazy Scholars ERP has a complete admission booking management solution from online application form submission to become a student of a specific institute including online payment, query management, a dashboard to know types of applicants, merit list generation, counseling, final selection, etc. Our automation booking process makes ease out of it to end-users, it is really important to make admission and selection processes online. Offline Admission is a very hectic and time taking process.


Eazy Scholars ERP gives benefit to school/colleges to set Attractive discounts according to the class-wise and student wise. With the help of a simple click-through our software discounts are being set and whenever a new student applying for admission discount will be given to the student as per the requi#055AA0 criteria meet. It is an easy and simple way to attract new students to the institution.



Using Eazy scholars ERP the institute can set subject for a student after the collection of all document deposits with all personal information of the student at the time of his/her admission. This allows the student to access the subjects for the class he has taken admission which can be checked by parents as well. This is an easier way to check the academic performance of any subject for any student.


To facilitate the effective use of books our ERP software gives students the benefits to get his/her copy, books, and academics accessories set according to the class. The software also provides facilities for the circulation of books and magazines, reservation of books, reports, etc. Reports on the books issued, reservation status, search book by the member and accession number, book suggestion, and selection are also provided.



Eazy scholars ERP gives you the benefit to carry on the online admission and readmission process completely digitally with our software. After completion of an academic section, a student can easily apply for the readmission process by depositing the fee for the readmission. Apart from that if you want to record performance reports of the students class-wise and section-wise you can easily get it. Class wise and section-wise report module display all the assigned reports to a selected teacher/professor, as per your school academic planning.

Benefits of Online Admission :

  • Quick online admission with general details (Personal & Communication details).
  • Add students with all necessary information like academic year, class, division, and admission status.
  • Previous educational details and certificates are recorded.
  • Detailed admission with personal, religious, and family details.
  • Attach and store any type of documents and data related to students.
  • Get a complete view of the student's admission form with photos.
  • Upload and store Student photos.
  • Board register number settings.
  • Module-wise settings are enabled.
  • Manage student records.
  • Automatic admission number generation.

Reports of Online Admission :

  • Pre-admission certificate name report.
  • Quick admission-Students report.
  • Admitted students report.
  • T.C issued a student report.
  • Conduct certificate issued student report (Academic year wise).
  • Bonafide certificate issued student report (Academic year wise ).
  • Students Reservation report.
  • Promoted and unprompted students report.
  • Differently-abled students report.
  • Student certificate upload report.
  • Student communication details report.
  • Student personal information details report.
  • Student guardian details report.
  • Student father details report.



Eazyscholar is a School & college management ERP Software Service provider In India which is used for easy Academic, Accounts, and Administration purposes of all types of Schools & institutions. Records like student admission details, the fee structure of different courses, details of teaching staff, accounts, HR & Payroll, transport, etc., can be obtained in a structured manner easily. It is a Web & APP based on ERP solutions for educational institutions that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Eazy Scholar ERP software can be used in all types of schools & colleges and universities where there is a necessity for proper management, Eazyscholar is the best to use there. The Eazy Scholar ERP software is used for small, medium-sized, and large schools & colleges.

Yes.Eazyscholar always tries to fulfill 100% of Client requirements and Satisfaction. If any client is not satisfied with our service. Eazy Scholar refunded within one month.

Eazy Scholar is one of the most appreciated and scalable School & College management ERP software in Bhubaneswar providing advanced features. Designed and developed with years of research and experience, this software is easy to use and contains several modules. User-friendly interface and affordable budget are two factors making it one of the best ERP after software.

Yes. Our software is designed to generate reports, and it gives the option to the user to convert them into PDF or Excel format.

The answer is "No". Eazy Scholar always believes in making long-term relationships with our clients and therefore We never hide any details.

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