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Academic management

Academic Management will give your institution a better development and helps in building productive academic progression, it will lead your administration into a type of simplicity and help with changing into a digitalized structure than the standard dull and manual administrator work.


Eazy Scholar's highly Interactive academic ERP module is incorporated with all the academic highlights of Education management with different learning and teaching benefits that are centered around student's result. Students can give outstanding results with the help of a well-arranged syllabus and lesson planning, which permits a healthy interaction between teachers, parents, and students. Eazy Scholars academic management module is developed to help the institutions for development in administrative processes, and also in addition to upgrading the performance of students at various phases of their learning venture.

This module includes the features like :


Class Creation

Class creation is the process by which teachers and institutions create and maintain up appropriate behavior of students in classroom settings. Admin can add a new class with the class name, code, and stream/division, it will likewise show the schedule and student's strength of that class. Additionally, he/she can add various sections for the specific class with an absolute number of students studying in each section.


Class wise Subjects & Chapter creation

Teachers can create the subjects allocated to them to teach the students from the list of Subject Allocation show. The admin can add subject code for singular subjects and as indicated by the government authority board rules, he/she can likewise add the book required to read for the desired subject. For the various subjects, admin can allot subject code like: ENGLISH- ENG, MATHS -MTH, Chemistry - CHEM, Physics - PHY, etc. The institution can also add more subjects in the particular or all the classes, the admin can allocate and add various subjects for the specific class and segments.


Syllabus & Routine set

Teachers/Admin can deal with the syllabus of various subjects of the classes, this will assist them with booking the classes and lectures to finish the syllabus of various subjects on time. Our syllabus and lesson planner module help teachers effectively add new lessons to the subjects. New topics can likewise be added to these exercises. When the teacher completes the topic or exercise for a specific subject, similar data will be refreshed on their portals.


Lesson Planning

Admin would daily be able to add new arranging rundown of the lessons, this will benefit the teachers to know the subjects, lecture code, and their allotted various lecture topics. This will improve the speed of fulfillment of the syllabus in an ideal way. Teachers can also add a new planning list of the lessons day by day,this will upgrade the speed of completion of the syllabus.


Lesson Progress

Admin would daily be able to understand the progress of the lessons and the further part which have been left or completed, this will help the teachers to further plan how to end a particular lesson and give an assignment to students. This will improve the speed of fulfillment of lessons in the ideal way. Teachers can also add a new planning list of the lessons day by day, this will improvise the speed of completion of the healthy syllabus.


Teacher Time table

Once a time-table is allocated for a specific class a teacher can see their own classroom timetable and will ready to deal with their timetables appropriately in academic management Software. Each teacher can see their plan in the software. In the event of any adjustment in their everyday plan schedule, it will naturally be reflected in the ERP software.


Student time table

The Timetable is made by an institution on the framework and a student can see their individual class-time table in their application. In case of any adjustment in the period it will be likewise obvious in their application itself. As a parent, they have rights to see their understudy timetable in their School Parent portal. A week after week schedule is shown in the School Parent portal.



Eazy Scholar does make a critical change in the current noticeboard framework. Institutions can add notices through our ERP platform in a digitalized manner. The Notice Board include encourages adding Notice Type, Title, pictures, and description and students can access it using the software.


Admit Card

Admit Card, generally referred as Hall ticket, is an essential document for students to enter the assessment corridor. Furthermore, it contains competitors' test dates, timings, photo, individual subtleties, and so forth This data helps invigilators at schools, schools and colleges to follow and adjust the personality of understudy entering the test and exam center.


Class task & Home task/Assignment Management

Eazy Scholars ERP will assist the instructors in transferring the everyday class task and home task assignments for their students. The students and parents can see the assignments allotted for each subject. This will help those students who are absent on sick leave or some other explanation.


Student Progress check class wise & Exam wise

Generate Student progress check classwise and institution wise dependent on their presentation in the tests. This will be useful during the quarterly/half-yearly or yearly Parent - Educator meeting. This will manage the resources and parents the correct way and assist them with knowing the critical zone of the focal point of the students.

Exam result Exam result show individual student wise Grade/Percentage in Graph & Chart with certificate design.

Benefits of Academic Management

Lessons with exercises.
Lessons with text/pdf formats.
Instant score with grading.
Track each student in real-time.
Create lessons - class wise, subject wise.
View examination/evaluation report.
Admin can view student Activities/Projects/Home works.
Sharing files between teachers and students.
Students, Parents can view new Activity/ Projects / Assignment/Homework details.
Students, Parents can access time tables.
Teachers can upload timetables, syllabus, and circulars.
Effective classroom managers monitor student behavior to quickly deal with off-task and disruptive behaviors that threaten their system.

Reports of Academic Management

Time Table
Assessment Report
Attendance Report - Class/Student
Class wise student submitted data- assignment/homework/activity/project report



Eazyscholar is a School & college management ERP Software Service provider In India which is used for easy Academic, Accounts, and Administration purposes of all types of Schools & institutions. Records like student admission details, the fee structure of different courses, details of teaching staff, accounts, HR & Payroll, transport, etc., can be obtained in a structured manner easily. It is a Web & APP based on ERP solutions for educational institutions that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Eazy Scholar ERP software can be used in all types of schools & colleges and universities where there is a necessity for proper management, Eazyscholar is the best to use there. The Eazy Scholar ERP software is used for small, medium-sized, and large schools & colleges.

Yes.Eazyscholar always tries to fulfill 100% of Client requirements and Satisfaction. If any client is not satisfied with our service. Eazy Scholar refunded within one month.

Eazy Scholar is one of the most appreciated and scalable School & College management ERP software in Bhubaneswar providing advanced features. Designed and developed with years of research and experience, this software is easy to use and contains several modules. User-friendly interface and affordable budget are two factors making it one of the best ERP after software.

Yes. Our software is designed to generate reports, and it gives the option to the user to convert them into PDF or Excel format.

The answer is "No". Eazy Scholar always believes in making long-term relationships with our clients and therefore We never hide any details.

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